The IRSN (French Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety) has been a partner of Laboratoire Cevidra since 2016. The two partners have in fact signed an exclusive patent license agreement to develop, manufacture and sell their new pharmaceutical formulation containing an actinide-specific chelating agent from the calixarene family to treat skin contamination from Uranium and other actinides.


About the IRSN

The IRSN is classified in France as an EPIC (Public Establishment of a Commercial and Industrial Nature), and therefore its role is defined by the Energy Transition for Green Growth Act no. 2015-992 of 17 August 2015, and its organisational structure and governance are established in Decree no. 2016-283 of 10 March 2016.

The IRSN is supervised jointly by the Ministers for the Ecology, Research, Energy, Health and Defence.

The scope of its work encompasses all risks of ionising radiation in the industrial and medical sectors as well as naturally-occurring radiation.

More specifically, the IRSN provides expert assessments and research in the following fields:

puce atom Nuclear safety;
puce atom Safe transport of radioactive and fissile material;
puce atom Human and environmental protection from ionising radiation;
puce atom Protection and control of nuclear materials;
puce atom Protection of nuclear installations and radioactive and fissile material transportation from hostile attacks.

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